Saturday, March 16, 2013


I've been told I have funny/good writing, by lots of people- my creative writing prof in undergrad told me I should go pro, and my friends tell me my emails and posts on FB and whatnot are entertaining. I do like doing it, and yeah, if I had the werewithal and such, I'd prolly quit gradschool in a millisecond and do it for real. But that's not in the cards, so alas, I'll try blogging again. I've done it before, and it comes and goes, ebbs and flows. We'll see how long this lasts. Funny, I thought I'd do "notes" on FB this morning about music, and then another friend said something about me being a blogger a few hours later. So mayhap I'll transfer the project from FB to here.

So hi. I'm Gab. This will be about all sorts of things- movie and comic reviews, the trials and triumphs of grad school, being a woman of color and nerd, having a dog, loving love, and not always being able to gauge* how many more I can have before I get more tipsy than I'd like. Also, prolly food. My approach to life is to try to find the humor in things, since a lot of crazyass shit seems to happen to and around me. If I didn't laugh, I'd be freaking out all the time, so it can get a little dark-humor-ee sometimes. Other times, genuinely funny. And yes, sometimes there's no way around the sad. That's why I'm calling this blog "American Dramedy." That's my life. A dramedy. In 'Murica. Fuck yeah.**

*Why the eff am I never able to spell that one correctly by my onesie? I always need the gorram spellchecker. >.< 
**Also, I swear. A lot. 

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